It’s full of cocktails, colour, and big wins

It’s full of cocktails, colour, and big wins

It’s not completely unique and there aren’t a great deal of features here, but there are some bonuses to unlock and a decent RTP. It also has the stylish and colourful graphics that Quickspin is known for.

Northern Sky

Northern Sky has a very unique aesthetic, unlike anything else in the Quickspin catalogue. In fact, it’s unlike any other game aesthetic. Again, it’s not the most unique when it comes to its features and you might be disappointed if you’re expecting a game like the ones created by Betsoft, but it looks truly spectacular.

Durian Dynamite

The durian fruit is one of the most divisive fruits in the world. It is said to have a flavour akin to custard and is a very popular delicacy, but it also has a terrible smell and, as a result, some countries have banned casino sign up bonus people from opening it in public spaces.

It’s a fruit that Quickspin has explored to the fullest in the Durian Dynamite slot, one that covers the “explosive” nature of this fruit. It is not as focused on the supposedly foul smell as you would think and is more like a simple fruit slot with a twist. Instead of cherries and lemons, you get a fruit that is supposed to be sweet and creamy, as well as disgusting.

Can I Play Quickspin Casinos?

It depends on your location. Quickspin is licensed by a few major operators, including the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission. This allows it to operate across most of Europe, as well as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and more. Leer más