Not merely did she never ever marry, but she never took a lover either

Not merely did she never ever marry, but she never took a lover either

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Greek Goddess out of Information and you may Battle

Athena try an excellent Greek deity called one another Pallas and Athene. Inside the ancient greek language myths, they often times associated the woman with one another warfare and you can skills as well due to the fact handicraft, courage, motivation, civilization, law and fairness, strategic warfare, math, stamina, method, the fresh new arts, and you will expertise.

She as well as offers several things in common with Minerva out of Roman myths. Of many make reference to this lady due to the fact a protector otherwise good patron from big metropolises such as for instance Athens.

The woman is recognized extremely specifically for the girl proper ability inside warfare and that’s will depicted while the lover out of heroes and that’s the newest patron deity out-of courageous efforts.

Athena came to be off Zeus shortly after the guy educated a big headache and you can she popped adult and in armor regarding their temple.

She has no mommy however, perhaps one of the most commonly quoted tales would be the fact Zeus lay that have Metis, the deity of tricky think and you can information, immediately after which swallowed their whole as he feared she’ll promote birth so you can a young child more powerful than your due to an excellent prophecy – however, she got already designed. Leer más