This is the most unpredictable, badly behaved tobaccos I have ever smoked

This is the most unpredictable, badly behaved tobaccos I have ever smoked

Do not let the name fool you, it is not super sweet

The charring light lies. Some whiffs were pure flavoring, others were pure cigarette tobacco. Still others were an unpleasant amalgam of the two. Making matters worse, the flavor lingers in any pipe you smoke it in.

This was a purchase designed with my lovely wife in mind. I am not a huge fan of aromatics, thought I like a little flavoring every now and then for a change of pace. She liked the smell, I liked the list of ingredients, so here we are.

The blend is a medium to light brown mix with some black cavendish thrown in. You can also readily identify the rubbed Virginia. Upon opening the tin you are greeted by a blast of carmel aroma. It can pervade a whole room. It is not however, that sickly sweet smell of many cheap aromatics.

Too many people either can’t smoke a pipe adequately, pack their pipe with tobacco that is too moist, improperly pack it or invest in poor quality pipes

The tobacco packs and lights with little difficulty. The first few puffs give you that taste of carmel, and the smell lingers longer. It quickly settles down to a well mannered cool smoke. The Virginia may be the saving grace here. It smokes clean all the way to the bottom, leaving a delightful room note that will not offend.

This is a great aromatic. It is a room pleaser and tastes as well as it smells. Burns great only had to re-lite once after char-lite. The carmel topper is definitly there, but not over powerful. I will keep this one around. I know aromatics do not age well but the Virginia in the blend might be real nice after about 5 months. Its a keeper, enjoy.

This is one of Peterson’s new aromatics which I assume is blended by Murray’s, one of the greatest tobacco houses in the world. The tin advertises a «cream caramel» topping and, boy, that’s just what you get! Lots of it. Leer más