I had tried Bumble a couple of years ago

I had tried Bumble a couple of years ago

Bumble was not only draining my bank account in return for NO service or product, they are putting my life at risk

Bad experiences. Was stood up countless times, men were just wanting casual sex, they lied, they put photos on their profiles the at were many years and pounds ago (I’m talking 10, 15, 20 years ago and the men in person were 10, 15, 20, 30 pounds heavier). Pretty bad for a company that promotes itself as women friendly. One day last week I decided to install the app on my phone and made the very deliberate decision to only opt for one day subscription just to see if things looked like they had improved. They hadn’t. Quite a number of the profiles were of men from my previous bad decision to use Bumble. Again, photos on a number of profiles were ‘old’.

Bumble should make this very clear, in big print at top or near top of home screen

That night I uninstalled the app, and cursing myself for thinking for a moment that things might be better. Silly me. BUT Bumble kept taking $4.99 out of my account every day for 5 days until in desperation I rang my bank and cancelled the card I attached to account. I tried, in vain, for three days to find a contact number so I could talk to someone at Bumble. Guess what? No number to call when there is a problem. I tried emailing and explaining my dilemma and I kept getting responses from a Freddie in customer service that uninstalling the app won’t cancel subscription and to read Ts &Cs as it tells you how to cancel.

This is not made clear on the small screen of a phone. I kept responding to Freddie that because I had uninstalled app I had no way of canceling subscription. I got onto app again and again it was unclear as to how to cancel. It was obvious I wanted to cancel but Bumble kept draining my account every day. $4.99 a day may not sound like much (it is when you don’t have app on your phone and you are not using the service) BUT, I am a single mother of a child with special needs. Leer más